Hello! Is it possible to find out what factors create a cost of the trip in your taxi? H

Good afternoon. The cost of the trip depends on the route you have chosen and its amount of time.

Is it possible to recieve your wheelchair to leave mine at home? I have an indoor wheelchair, which is poorly adapted for the street. I

Good afternoon. We provide any wheelchair for moving at the client’s request. We can offer an active type with a manual transmission or an electric wheelchair, according to your need and wishes. We also propose different types of wheelchairs for people with increased weight.

Hello! Tell me, please, do you have a staff, who can help during the moving a disabled person? We have a rather steep ramp in the stairwell, so we’ll need a hand of a strong male during the descent and ascent.H

Good afternoon, Victoria! Yes, of course. Our company provides all kinds of wheelchair assistance. A specially trained person will help you with the ascent or descent along any standard stairs or ramps. Also there may be an accompanying person to provide any necessary assistance during the moving.

Hello. Can you tell me, please, what is your taxi for disabled people equipped with? Do they have a pneumatic electric lifts or just retractable ramps? H

Good afternoon. We provide services only on specialized cars made in Japan specifically for the transportation of disabled people in wheelchairs. Such cars have a low landing and an improved suspension for a smoother ride. The wheelchair inside of the car is fastened with special tension belts that prevent any rocking or bumping while driving. There is special seat belt with a tension system for a person in the wheelchair. For convenient and trouble-free operation such machines are usually equipped with manual retractable or folding ramps.

Can you tell me, please, what is the difference between your taxi services for transportation of disabled people in a wheelchair, from a regular social taxi?C

Good afternoon. Thanks for your question! Unlike social services, that provide maintenance for transporting people in a wheelchair mainly at certain periods of time, most often only during the day, our company provides such services at any time of the day at the request of the client. Most social services and taxis for the disabled realize transportation by cars of domestic production or conventional minibuses, adapted for such transportation. Such a non-specialized mode of transport provides less comfort during the trip for a passenger in a wheelchair. We provide our services on Japanese cars with increased comfort for the disabled, which were specially made for this purpose.